Ecurie Gian-Battista Lutta


La Chenevière 17
CH-1782 Lossy
Gian-Battista Lutta
Phone +41 79 230 40 09

Gian-Battista Lutta

Gian-Battista, born on February 15, 1961 in Zuoz (GR), was attracted to riding at a very young age. He received his regional license  at 14 and at 16 he left his home town to go and learn from Mattias Fuchs (father of the well-known riders Thomas and Markus Fuchs), whose stables were near Zürich. At the same time, he began an apprenticeship in civil engineering, although his real passion remained horses. Gian-Battista learned a lot from the Fuchs’ and could benefit from their many years of experience and expertise. When he was 18, he competed in his first S classes (1.40m).

In 1985 his father, Gian Lutta, bought “Beethoven” who was previously ridden by Walter Gabathuler and Willy Melliger. Gian-Battista learned about his father’s gift to him through the newspaper!

Beethoven was the key to jump starting  Gian-Battista’s career. From 1985 to 1992, they successfully competed in many national and international events. In 1987 and 1988, they won the silver medal at the Swiss Championship and in 1989 the bronze medal. Beethoven stopped competing at the age of 19 and enjoyed a well-deserved retirement for 6 years in Lossy.

Gian-Battista sold his first horse at the age of 16 and soon after selling horses quickly became his passion.

Over the years, he expanded his business and bought horses of better and better quality.

Today he is considered one of the biggest horse dealers in Switzerland and is known internationally as well.